The three things to do for whomever wants to feel the magic of Aspromonte and enjoy its full potential are paying a visit to this area, beholding its sights and savouring its tastes. Many bygone travellers have been amazed by its stunning beauty over time, and the descriptions they left us of this region are still today proof of the irresistible fascination the Aspromonte area exudes. “Aspromonte is a perfect homonym of Mont Blanc in the Alps, close by the border between Italy and France” were the words employed by the German glottologist Gerhard Rohlfs, while Edward Lear wrote that “neither a pen nor a pencil” were apt to convey the natural spectacle provided by the landscape.
There are indeed many sights to admire while taking a walk in Aspromonte, such as river gullies, mighty streams, majestic forests, wild animals, giant rocks, ancient villages that seem to be hovering between the sky and earth. Furthermore, this area is full of traces of old Greek, Byzantine and Roman history, the reminders of a prestigious past. By keeping alive their ancestral traditions, their ancient crafts and customs, the people of Aspromonte have been able to save a long-lasting culture from oblivion and defeat the passing of time.
This is what Aspromonte has in store for visitors! Be ready for an incomparable experience.