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The starting point is the house complex of piano Carruso. From there, keep walking along the unpaved track you will find before you and get across the bridge to reach a forest track. Follow it as it bends to the right, heading north: it is a path which runs on the mountain ridge, climbing up to Zacchinato and Monumento Vitale. Keep walking to the right, following the path on the mountain side which heads towards the San Leo torrent. A few segments of this path are hardly practicable as a consequence of continual landslides and maintenance issues. Past San Leo, the path meanders towards contrada Cozzi. Proceeding on the path on the mountain side, you will get around Mount Scacciarro and across the Aposcipo torrent, finally reaching a plateau.  From here, take a barely visible southbound path that will lead you to a panoramic vantage point (1365 m.a.s.l.) from where the waterfalls can be admired. Get back onto theforest track heading north; once you have reached the Ferraina torrent, follow the path to the Canovai rangers station.