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The starting point is via Largo dei Medici (in the town of Samo). From there, take the road to Precacori. Get across the Santa Caterina bridge, then take a mule track on you right hand side, which climbs up to monte Castella. Once you have reached Molia, take the unpaved road on your left: you will get past the Mureto pass and reach the crossroads with a track from Calamacia.

Turn left and descend towards puntone di Arcà and the La Verde torrent. When you get past the torrent, get onto the path which climbs up towards Lacco, and keep walking until you reach Casalinuovo.  From there, take the path on the mountain side which leads to Cerasia; upon passing by a narrow valley, you will have to keep walking towards the valley of Casalinuovo.

Once you get there, take some time to visit the remains of several old water mills.

Getting across the bridge, the path will lead you to the remains of Africo Vecchio.  From Africo Vecchio, take the path which climbs up to Puntone Carrà, then get onto the unpaved track which passes through the Carruso woods (where you will see an interesting biotope of the Italian oak); the track will lead you across the bridge over the Casalinuovo valley and to the forest rangers station of Puntone Cancello (1020 m.a.s.l.); from Puntone Cancello, follow the path on the mountain side which slopes down to the Furria torrent; once you get past the torrent, the path will lead you through cultivated fields in the direction of Chiusa and finally to the hamlet of Ghorio di Roghudi; get past the inhabited area and keep walking on the same path until you reach Roghudi.