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It is an itinerary of considerable historical value and natural beauty. Follow the road which leads from Samo to Precacore, walking down to get across the bridge over the Santa Caterina river and then going up to reach the Rocca fountain. Turn left to get onto the path to the ruins of Precacore, walking up to the small church of San Giovanni; then take the track on the mountain side, which meanders towards Giulia , and whose landscape is a mixture of thickets and patches of Mediterranean scrub; be aware you will also find several segments of the trail blocked by landslide debris as you walk on. Passing by a small brook, the path will lead you up to the plateau of Molia, a farmland area planted with olive trees; from here, proceed to the spurs of the “Prachi” and “Timpa di Don Bazzito” rocks, two panoramic vantage points over the gullies of the La Verde torrent.

Get back to the previous path and keep walking until you reach the crossroads with a mule track leading to Palecastro.

From Palecastro, follow the unpaved cart track which leads down to Camardi and the Santa Caterina valley; you will pass through a patch of Mediterranean scrubland as you walk.

Once you have passed the valley, take the paved road which climbs up to the town of Samo.