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Being especially long, this itinerary must be divided into three legs.
Samo – Monte Iofri
Trekking time: 3 hours.
The starting point is in via Largo dei Medici in the town of Samo. Follow the concrete road which leads to Precacore, getting across the “S. Caterina” stone-bridge and past the Rocca fountain. Follow the right-hand side mule track along mount Castello, which will lead you to the Fate-Pizzica Pass, a fully-equipped picnic area. Keep walking on a paved segment of the trail, followed by an unpaved one, heading north towards Molia-Giardinetti. When you reach the crossroads with the track to the Calamacia water spring, turn right and get onto a path on the mountain side, climbing up to mount Iofri; after passing through an Italian oak tree wood , you will reach  Rungia; from there, follow a short path through the wood which will lead you to the summit of mount Iofri. In Rungia, trekkers can choose between setting up camp and spending the night at the Varì forest rangers booth.


Monte Iofri – Canovai
Trekking time: 4 hours

The starting point is Rungia. Follow the old mule track which climbs up to Zillastro; upon reaching the mountain ridge, follow the path to mount Perri; clambering up the rock faces, you will reach the plain of “MaruMonacu”; from there, follow the unpaved forest track towards Puntone Galene; a segment of this trail on the northern mountain side is blocked by landslide debris, forcing trekkers to a little detour to get around it. Past this segment, you will reach a plateau; from there, follow the path as it climbs up the slopes of scalone della Furraina, finally reaching a plateau close by the hamlet of Croce di Dio Sia Lodato. Now, follow the unpaved forest track which leads to the Canovai rangers station.
Canovai – Montalto
Trekking time: 2 hours

The starting point is the Canovai forest rangers station (13354 m.a.s.l.), close by the torrent of the same name and located in the heart of the forest of Ferraina. Follow the northbound path which runs along the torrent and then across it, leading you to the slopes of mount Finocchio. Once you have reached the mountain ridge, proceed towards Taglio di Pollia, then get onto the barely  visible track to Croce Serrata and Serro Priolo, climbing up the mountain side to the top of the Montalto.