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It is quite a demanding trail, as it runs along a segment of the La Verde torrent, whose bed is about 10 metres wide.

The starting point is the bridge over the torrent, where the gully begins, a location that can be easily reached by a paved road from the town of Samo. Follow the trail along the torrent bed until you get to the reinforced concrete bridge. Go up the ramp, then keep walking along the torrent; all along this segment of the trail the landscape is marked by sheer rocky faces towering above the torrent bed, which in this point is a bit narrower than before.

To wade the watercourse: lay stones down in a row as you proceed across it, in order to form a practicable passage to the opposite bank; make a catwalk out of tree trunks; it is also recommendable to bring along all the necessary apparel and wading equipment, such as high-heel galoshes, ropes etc.

Past this segment, the bed of the torrent becomes broader , allowing trekkers to speed up their pace and get to the Zunca Pass; follow the path on the right, which crosses with an unpaved forest track as it climbs up to puntone d’Arca.