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The starting point is the municipal road Samo-Guttà. Follow the track to the north, in the direction of the rural area called Ripe. Once you get across the valley of the Ripe, the path and the several torrents it is strewn with start climbing up along the slopes of Serro Schiavone, until they reach the Sellaro plateau, 500 metres above sea level. Follow the path on the right, which will lead you round Serro Schiavone on the mountainside, through a small chestnut wood and along a flagstone path, and finally to Papaleo. From here, at the crossroads with a mule track, go right to the north, following the path that climbs up the mountainside along the slopes of Mount Sellaro. Past a holm oak wood, the path starts its descent towards Ariuso and Curazza. From here, take the ascending path that leads to the Spruzzina valley, then follow its twists and turns to Ficara (800 m.a.s.l.) and keep walking towards Casalinuovo.