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It is a highly demanding trail, which runs entirely along the course of the Aposcipo torrent.

The starting point is Privitera, reachable via an unpaved forest track from the town of Samo. Follow a path which descends to the torrent, then walk along its course to the north; all along the first segment, the torrent bed is about 10 metres wide and walking along it does not present challenging difficulties; at the foot of Puntoni Galera though, it becomes narrower, forming several small lakes and drops in the ground; at the fork in the riverbed, go right along the Furraina torrent; in this segment, you will see several species of hygrophilous plants, such as common alders, Neapolitan alders, poplars, willows, ash trees, holm oaks and nettle trees, as well as small lakes inhabited by trout.

Keep walking until you reach the base of the Forgiarelle waterfalls; the first drop you have to get past is 100 metres deep and has a small lake at its base, constituting a landscape of remarkable natural value.