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The starting point is the municipal road of Piano d’Ammusia, a quite easy-to-reach location from the town of S. Luca. Walk along the mule track which cuts across the Ammusia plateau (825 m.a.s.l.) in the direction of the Bonamico torrent. Past the plateau, the road slopes down, twisting and turning along the mountainside until it reaches lake Costantino (350 m.a.s.l.). From the lake, follow the path at the edge of the mouth of the Bonamico torrent, getting past a series of rocks and small lakes scattered along the way; at the last bend of the torrent, before its bed widens, follow a short path on the left , which climbs up the mountainside in the direction of the ruins of Potamia. In the end, the path again reaches the bed of the torrent, and a series of comfortable though unpaved tracks will lead you  back to the town of S. Luca.