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It is a circular itinerary of high naturalistic interest.

Starting and arriving point: contrada Nardello II, an easily reachable location via the paved road from Gambarie.  Follow the southbound path which runs along the mountain ridge until you reach Monte Cavaliere, descending from 1753 to 1700 metres above sea level. Past a segment of flat land, the path curves downward until it reaches torrent Placa; follow its course to the confluence with the Menta torrent. Get across the Placa torrent and follow a track at the foot of the valley until it crosses a path;  go left and follow the track which climbs up the mountainside to contrada Telegrafo.

Once you have reached the plateau, keep walking to the north until you meet a path in contrada Rotilio; turn left and walk on the mountainside for a short segment, until the path descends to the La Placa torrent.

Past the torrent, the path climbs up again along the side of the mountain known as Bocca di Lupo (the Wolf Mouth), finally reaching the mountain ridge (1742 m.a.s.l.). From here, proceed north towards the starting point.