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The starting point is Monte dell’Orgiata (603 metres above sea level), a location that is easy easily reachable from Natile. You will see an asphalt road under construction; from here, proceed left onto a mule track until you reach Saint Peter’s rocks. Get across the Menica torrent, then go up towards the Livadoce plateau, which is prevailingly grazing land, until you reach the crossroads with the path from San Giorgio. Turn left and proceed through a holm wood towards Pietra Cappa, until you reach casello S. Giorgio (677 metres above sea level), where it is possible to replenish the water supplies. From here, follow an unpaved road that climbs up to Serro Alto; while walking, you will cross the asphalt road from Natile  that you saw when you set off. Turn left and descend towards Monte dell’Orgiata, the starting point of this trail.