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Litri, the starting point of this itinerary, is quite easy to reach from the town of Samo. Set off on the unpaved road which leads to the Forest Ranger station of Varì; once you are there, follow the asphalt road to the Zillastro (1137 metres above sea level). A forest track will guide you along the ridge of Mount Perri and Puntone Galera; you will find the debris of a landslide along the northern segment of this path, and once you get past it you will reach a small plateau at the foot of Scalone di Furraina, the so-called “Natural Staircase of Furraina”. From here, turn left onto a barely visible path, a few segments of which are dug into the rock. Keep walking until you reach a mountain ridge leaning over the Ferraina torrent; from here, the Forgiarelle waterfall will heave into sight in its entirety. In order to reach the base of the waterfall, descend along the mountain ridge, walking on a barely visible track flanked by rows of trees, until you get to the Furraina torrent. From here, go up northwards along the torrent until you get to the waterfall.