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A network of narrow streets in Condofuri leads up to a big water tank. There you will see a fence and a narrow path beside it, flanked by rows of oaks, olive and almond trees; following it, you will get to a smaller water tank and a fountain. Here is the steepest drop of this trail: the best way to get past it is to go around the west side of the mountain and reach a track which slopes down from mount Scafì and ends in the vicinity of a pine forest. From the fountain, keep walking on flat land through clusters of olive trees and past numerous rock formations, until you meet a path on the right, which climbs abruptly up between dry-stone walls and rows of prickly pears. Walk along it until a sharp bend in the road comes into sight; before reaching it, leave the wide path you are on to take a narrower one that leads into a narrow valley. Get past a small stream to reach a now-untended terraced area. Keep walking on level ground until you reach Cropani (556 metres above sea level), the thickest pinewood in the area, where you will find the remains of an old sheepfold. Walk comfortably along the Eastern edge of the pinewood, leaving the town of Condofuri behind you, up to the point where the path leans over the Pisciato torrent. You will have no other option here but follow the upward sloping path, flanked as it is by ravines on its left and the mountain on its right side. A fixed route will lead you up the mountain until the track which brings to mount Scafi is reached. Here, landslide debris and very thick vegetation will slow you down at first, but as you walk on upwards it will become more practicable in its climbing towards Punta Telegrafo.

Following the trail will be much easier now; soon enough, you will find yourselves in South Mount Scafi, a quite easy-to-find location thanks to its trigonometric coordinates .