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The starting point is Cirella, a hamlet of Platì, where water supplies can be taken. Get onto the mule track which passes through the Maila houses, climbing up towards mount Iacono (located at 600 metres above sea level). Keep walking along the mountain ridge in the direction of Mount Calaciuri, going through holm oak woods and patches of Mediterranean scrub. From mount Calaciuri (800 metres above sea level), a winding path climbs up to Mount of the Two Seas (1017 metres above sea level), where the water supplies can be replenished in the vicinity of a dairy farm.

Monte dei Due Mari (Mount of the two seas) is a wide plateau which regales its visitors with a mesmerizing landscape.

Here, the path leads onto a forest trail which leads to Piano Abbruschiato, where the paved road of Cresta begins.