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One of the segments of this quite demanding trail is in the riverbed of the Abbruschiato torrent.

The starting point is the hamlet of Cirella, whence a road must be followed that climbs up to the mountain. Short past the Maila houses, the paved road ends, giving way to a mule track on the right-hand side of Mount Iacono.

The trail climbs a short segment down, reaching the Schioppo falls over torrent Abbruschiato (500 metres above sea level); the path goes on along the mountainside, reaching the Abbruschiato flats and sloping down towards the torrent. Upon reaching the torrent, visitors must follow its course upstream. Past a short segment, the Scalette waterfall towers over the confluence of two streams. The path then climbs up along the right-hand mountain ridge, twisting and turning until the path of Serro Malacandrà is reached. Here, excursionists will find themselves at a crossroads and will choose between reachin the mountain plateau of Palazzo or heading back to Cirella.