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It is a very demanding trail, meandering along the mountain course of the Butramo torrent, from 800 metres above sea level up to an altitude of 1500 metres (which is reached at serro Ceresia).

The starting point is “La Castagnara”, a location 1200 metres above sea level on the edge of Mount Perre, quite easy to get to thanks to the paved road leading to it from Samo.

Excursionists must follow a path which slopes down from Castagneta to the Butramo torrent (800 metres above sea level); the path surface is partly vegetation, and once the torrent is reached, its course must be followed in its downward flow to the foot of the mountain; it is necessary to overcome drops in the ground by using ropes or elude them by climbing or leaning on the mountainside.

The most difficult segment, where the use of specific equipment (such as ropes and ladders) should be deemed necessary, is on the side of the “Taglio di Ferranea” plateau.