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The starting point is via Cofano, a mandatory stop for local buses, where the first supplies of water can be taken. From here, a narrow street climbs up to Monte del Ponte della Pietra – the Stone Bridge Mountain – where the remains of an old mill and of a water-fueled oil press can be seen. The trail then runs along torrent Colajero, in the shade of several ash trees and amidst the rocks of the “Da Vina channels”: here it is possible to come face to face with dippers, peregrine falcons and spectacled salamanders, and to behold the wonderful waterfalls and small lakes that are formed by the torrent along its course.


Past the Da Vina channels, we get to Fosso Novito, where the torrent bed flows over flat land, flanked by holm oaks and chestnut trees. A path ascends from here to the old mines, where iron extractions were carried out in the past. Going up- and then down-hill onto the opposite side, we get to the Torno Fountain, where water supplies can be replenished and the ground is strewn with marine fossils; going further up from here, we will reach Piano Crasto, whence the beautiful surrounding landscape can be admired in its entirety. Going down from here through ancient chestnut groves, we will reach Agliastruso and Malopasso, where the remains of old carcare – the kilns in which calcareous stones were transformed into cement – can be found. From Malopasso, the “Garibaldino” path leads back to Monte del Ponte della Pietra; from here, the route segment we have already walked along  in the beginning will bring us back to Canolo.