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- From Bova to Roghudi (Trekking time: 3 hours)

Starting from Bova, follow the street to Amendolea, crossing a northbound path on the right which runs along the hillside down to Laterizi, Spartusà and Peracalmi and getting past the many narrow valleys which dot an almost deserted rural scenery. At Mensa (500 metres above sea level), the path slopes markedly downwards reaching the river-bed of the Amendolea. The town of Roghudi stands two kilometres past it.


– From Roghudi to Pesdavoli (trekking time: 3 hours)

From Roghudi, a steep northbound path runs up along the mountainside in the direction of Porta Vividdio (1166 metres above sea level). Some segments of this trail are dug into the rock. Going further north-west along the mountain ridge, a hard path leads up to Monte Cavallo (1331 metres above sea level). Going further along the mountain ridge, past the debris of a landslide at Calella, you will walk onto an unpaved road which leads to the forest rangers station in Pesdavoli.

– From Pesdavoli to Materazzelli (trekking time: 3 to 4 hours)

From Pesdavoli (1408 metres above sea level), the path goes further along the mountainside, flanked by Calabrian black pine woods, until, at Zaccanido, it crosses with the forest trail which begins in Africo-Bova. Going further north, the path passes through woods of remarkable natural beauty, where plenty of centuries-old Calabrian black pines and white firs can be admired.

The trail meanders along the mountainside up to mount Pollia (1596 metres above sea level) and mount Pietro Cappella (1823 m. above sea level), until it reaches the paved road which connects Gambarie to the Polsi Sanctuary. After walking a small segment, a clearing is reached at Materazzelli (1834 metres above sea level), where it is possible to replenish the water supplies and set up camp in the vicinity of an old (as yet unrestored) building.


– From Materazzelli to Carmelia (trekking time: 3 hours)

From Materazzelli, follow the road to the Polsi Sanctuary to the north, until you reach Serro Schiavo. From there, take a path on the left that climbs up along the mountain ridge through clearings and beech tree woods and keep walking until it joins the paved road leading to Serro Cropanelli and San Luca. Past a short segment of this road, the previous path resumes its run along the mountain ridge of Serro di Pietra Tagliata (1751 m.a.s.l.), reaching Portella di Cannavi (1596 m.a.s.l.). From here, a path must be followed which leads to the Tyrrhenian side of mount Cannavi, passing through several beech tree woods until the plains of Carmelia are reached (1321 metres above sea level). Here you will find a built-up area with houses, a forest ranger station, a church and a fountain. It is a perfect location to set up camp or spend the night on one of the nearby holiday farms.

– From Carmelia to Delianova (trekking time : 2 hours)

From Carmelia, follow the paved road which leads to Delianova, until you get to a crossroads. Follow the paved track on the left towards a cluster of rural houses, until you reach an expanse of maritime pines. Here you will find a resting area and enjoy the beauty of a highly panoramic location 1220 metres above sea level, offering a breathtaking view on the plain and Sicily.

Follow the meandering path which runs on the slopes of the Melia plateau, past holm oak and chestnut tree woods, until you reach the paved route. From here, go left in the direction of Delianova.