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Historical Cultural Routes

“Wayfarer! Reverently turn your ears to this generous and spiritual land, and listen to the enchanting sounds that have evolved from thousands of years of  enthusiasm and struggles, deep affections and domestic virtues, in a region where women are the true keepers of ancient traditions. The objects, each with its separate story, will tell you about it all: the decorated pre-Hellenistic kitchen pots, the painted vases made by the ancient Greek colons to be displayed in houses, theatres and temples, the solidly constructed Roman walls, the religious fascination exuded by the Byzantine art, the mediaeval castles, the several mines present on the territory and so on, down to the language spoken by the Calabrian Greek people and to the echoes of a magno-Greek past in the humbly handy-crafted items produced by local shepherds and women, representative of a tradition that was much more intense in the olden days but is still kept up today. The musical tradition is especially in bloom today, moving people to dance and pleasantly winning over listeners. The cookery expertise that can be recognized in the savory taste of the dishes prepared by local housewives and the pleasure deriving from sipping a glass of wine distilled from the fruits of centuries-old vineyards will help you keep Calabria’s hospitableness always fresh in your mind.”

Prof. Domenico Minuto

Amendolea – San Lorenzo
Bova – Roghudi – Africo
Brancaleone Superiore – Staiti – Bruzzano Vecchio
Cardeto – Seminara
Condofuri – Gallicianò
Castello di Sant’Aniceto (Motta San Giovanni) – Pentedattilo- Bagaladi
Gerace – Gioiosa Jonica
La costa Viola (Scilla – Bagnara – Palmi)
La Piana di Gioia Tauro (Gioia Tauro- Rosarno – Rizziconi -Terranova Sappo Minulio)
Oppido Mamertina and surroundings
Palizzi – Pietrapennata
Polistena – Cinquefrondi – San Giorgio Morgeto
Portigliola – Bombile – Ardore (Sup.)
Precacore (Samo) – Caraffa del Bianco – Casignana
San Luca