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Mycological path: Gambarie and environs

For those who love typical mountain food, and above all mushrooms, Gambarie is undoubtedly a must-go. Besides boasting some of the best recipes from the local culinary tradition, the territory of Gambarie hosts some of the quaintest locations for the picking of mushrooms. The itinerary begins with a southbound slope climbing up through Gambarie. Going past the last cluster of houses in the uppermost point of the town territory, you will have to take an unpaved cart track. Follow it to the right and you will reach the Troìa torrent. Wade it and keep walking on the main path until you reach a location called Fragolara. From this point on, the itinerary increases in faunistic, floristic and mycological richness. Trekking time: 3 hours round-trip. Difficulty: low. Gradient: 320 metres uphill, 320 metred downhill.