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The stock-fish of Mammola: the path of the Greek

The stock-fish of Mammola is obtained from dried codfish (also known as stock-fish). It can boast a centuries-long tradition, and is prepared following many different ways of preparation; over time, it has become the most typical local recipe, as well as one of the main dishes in the whole of Calabria. In ancient times, it was regarded as food for the poor, as it was eaten by peasants and offered to laborers when they carried out hard work in the fields, owing to the boosting effect it had as a consequence of its high energetic properties; this tradition is still observed. The festival in honour of Saint Nicodemus takes place yearly on the first Sunday after May 12, on the anniversary of his birth in 1900. A way to express devotion to the Saint is by reaching his Sanctuary on foot, walking along the ancient path of the Greek, which is also called the path of Saint Nicodemus or of the Seja; in the olden days it used to be the street by which the magno-Greek inhabitants of Locri were able to reach the colonies in the Tyrrhenian area. Rich in history and traditions, the sanctuary is located on the Limina plateau, 12 kilometres away from the mediaeval town of Mammola in the territory of the National Park of Aspromonte where Saint Nicodemus (a Basilian Abbot) lived with other monks (among them, Saint Fantino from Taureana and Saint Nilo from Rossano). Trekking time: 8 hours. Difficulty: medium/low. Gradient: 560 metres uphill, 560 metres downhill.