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Vegetables: the Plains of Aspromonte

The fields – also known as plains – of Aspromonte are marine terraces where the most delicious pulses and vegetables in the whole province of Reggio Calabria (such as broccoli, fennels and aubergines) are grown. Some of the products that cannot go unmentioned, there are fennels, the delicious pappaluni beans (among the pillars of local food culture), the hard Cappelli wheat and the famous potato of the Plains. It will certainly prove interesting for tourists to visit the brooms’ lake, the De Leo village (the oldest hydraulic sawmill in the south of Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, employing the decauville locomotive for the transportation of wood), the unsurfaced cart track leading to Passo del Falco (an exceptional bird-watching vantage point during the whole period of bird migrations, from mid-April to the end of May and from mid-August to the end of September).