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The bergamot orange: the castle of Amendolea

The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit which can be exclusively cultivated in a small area of the province of Reggio Calabria and in the Ivory Coast. The word “bergamot” is reputed to have derived from Pergamon, one of the names anciently given to the city of Troy. Others maintain it comes from the Turkish word Berg-a-mudi, namely “the Lord’s pear”, probably inspired by the pear shape the original bergamot oranges had. The essence of bergamot is used in the fields of cosmetics and perfumes, as well as to give the Earl Grey tea its characteristic flavour. Nowadays several bergamot beverages are also on the market, ever since the fruit has been found out to be a mine of wholesome substances, some of them useful to keep cholesterol levels on check. The Amendolea castle itinerary: in spite of its steepness, it constitutes a very easy walk. All trekkers need to do is follow the now-paved road which in older days served to connect Amendolea and Bova. About 2 kilometres past Amendolea nuova, you will find the entrance gate to the old town of Amendolea. Keep walking through town along the mountain ridge and you will reach an astonishing panoramic vantage point, from where it is possible to admire the valley of Amendolea and its bergamot fields. Difficulty: easy. Gradient: 220 uphill, 220 metres downhill.