Village fairs, concerts, cultural exhibitions, crafts fairs and religious festivals are some of the mirthful events promoted by the towns of Aspromonte to spread their culture and traditions. Village fairs are especially interesting, a must-go for those wishing to enjoy a folkloristic atmosphere while tasting local specialties. Furthermore, there are religious festivals and processions created with the purpose to keep the ancient rites alive and prevent the Greek and Byzantine heritage in Aspromonte from disappearing. These almost prehistoric cults have been handed down from one generation to the next in a kind of concerted effort to fuel a deeply-rooted collective spirituality. The beauty of these old villages, which look like Nativity scenes perched on the mountains of Aspromonte, makes them the perfect unspoiled locations for many kinds of music events, especially for the folk concerts that take place during the summer months. In the wintertime, especially at Christmas, these villages become quaint settings for living nativity scenes, weaving their narration of ancient rites and traditions. The magic feeling they exude is often heightened by the sound of the zampogna – the traditional Calabrian bagpipes – an emblem of the local music culture.

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