Comune di Varapodio

Formerly a military outpost between the strongholds of Oppido and Terranova, Varapodio is located on the Northern mountainside of Aspromonte, in a hilly area only a few kilometres away from the sea.
Originally, this town lay 3 kilometres lower than its present location, and the inhabited area was sited near the Marro river, perched on the main plateau of a hamlet which was called “Il Salvatore” (the Saviour). This name came from its proximity to the Church of the Saviour, which was thought to have been commissioned by Emma of Apulia, a Sicilian princess of Norman origin from the Hauteville family. During the Kingdom of Naples in 1807, Varapodio was promoted to the rank of University and included in the area of the so-called “Oppido administration”.
The fountain in Saint Nicholas Square is the iconic symbol of Varapodio; it is also known as “Fountain of the Ace of Cups”, owing to the resemblance it bears to the suit of cups of the Neapolitan playing cards. The churches of Saint Nicholas from Mira and Saint Stephen are also worth a visit.