Comune di Sinopoli

Surrounded by the chestnut groves of Aspromonte, one of the most notable features of Sinopoli is the presence of many terraced plateaus on its territory, which influence the course of the many torrents meandering down towards Gioia Tauro to become inlets of the Petrace.
Besides its famous springs of mineral water, this town can boast many interesting buildings and works of art. The Church of Holy Mary of the Graces in Upper Sinopoli is one of them: built on the structure of a small 12th-century church, it still hosts the Hat of Holy Mary, donated by Roger II, which has become an object of popular devotion over the centuries.
The Madonna of the Pilerio or Madonna of the Snows, a marble sculpture carved by Antonello Gagini in 1508 and depicting Saint Mary holding Baby Jesus in her arms, is another masterpiece kept in this church, together with a Byzantine Holy Mary of the Graces and many other 16th- and 17th century sculptures. The old column on which the stoup is placed is another remarkable item on display.

The Church of Saint George the Martyr is home to four other marble sculptures: Holy Mary of the Graces (1547) by the Tuscan sculptor G.B. Mazzola, Saint Anthony from Padua (1643), Saint Nicholas from Bari (16th century) and The Blessed Virgin Mary (17th century).
“U’ Palazzu” is another place worth visiting: an unfinished building commissioned by the Ruffo family, several rooms of which have survived, together with the underground cellar area and an austere street door.