Comune di Sant’ Eufemia d’ Aspromonte

The town of Sant’Eufemia is located on the Northern mountainside of Aspromonte. It is divided into three sections, the Old Town, Petto and Pezzagrande, each presenting a different stage of development. The village was founded in very old times; according to some historians, it dates back to the days of the Roman rule.
Places to visit in Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte include the characteristic historic centre and the old Parish Church, where several works by local artists are exhibited.
The historically significant iron bridge of Sant’Eufemia has become a symbolic icon for the local community: it is a very rare example of industrial archaeology from the 1920s, deriving its importance from aesthetic as well as technical qualities. Landscape beauties are not thin on the ground in Sant’Eufemia: a stroll around the city or in its immediate surroundings will prove to be a pleasant occasion to enjoy the fascination of unspoiled nature.
Potatoes are the most typical products in Sant’Eufemia; their importance for local economy has been officially recognized with a De.c.o. certification (an Italian acronym standing for “municipal designation of origin”).