Comune di San Roberto

Dating back to the 10th century, this town stands on the left bank of torrent Catona. Given the many orchards, citrus and olive groves, chestnut and beech woods it hosts, there are plenty of sights worth taking in in San Roberto that will please your eyes with the variety of their colours.
An altitude spanning from 300 metres above sea level to the uppermost peaks of Aspromonte is certainly the most remarkable geologic feature of this village, a clear indication of the peculiar morphology of its territory, which is distributed between the highlands and the sea.

The main characteristic of the historic centre of San Roberto is the fact that all its buildings have been rebuilt after the devastating 1908 earthquake. In spite of its typically 18th-century residential structure, San Roberto also features simple-shaped rural buildings as well as picturesque narrow streets. The church of Saint George the Martyr, where a very old statue of the Saint and a beautiful bell tower can be admired, is certainly worth visiting, together with the 19th-century De Salvo Palace. While taking a stroll in the city centre, the visitors’ attention will be unfailingly drawn to the Monument to the Fallen and the old Town Hall. Particularly of note are the local home-made cheeses and olive oil; the latter is pressed following the old pre-industrial techniques. Being very rich in chestnut trees, San Roberto also hosts a famous yearly Chestnut Festival in the month of November.