Comune di San Lorenzo

Located in the heart of Aspromonte between the torrent of Melito and that of the Amendolea valley, the village of San Lorenzo constitutes a panoramic vantage point to spot the surrounding landscape. The first inhabitants of San Lorenzo came here in Byzantine times, but its population only grew after the arrival of Greek nomads in Calabria. In spite of its being almost completely uninhabited at present, San Lorenzo played a crucial role in Garibaldi’s landing at Melito.

Besides its quaint historic centre, what is especially worth visiting in San Lorenzo is the old Parish Church, where a 16th-century marble statue depicting Holy Mary of the Snows and a wooden 18th-century statue of Saint Lawrence are kept.
The Sanctuary of Holy Mary of the Chapel in the district of San Pantaleone is one of the benchmarks of popular devotion in Greek Calabria. A 12th- or 13th-century painting depicting Holy Mary of the Assumption wrapped in a long flowery mantle is on display in this church.
The typically Mediterranean- Greek landscape, spangled with a myriad of mostly centuries-old olive trees, is another sight worth taking in.