Comune di San Giorgio Morgeto

This characteristic village is perched on a hill connecting Aspromonte to the Serre area, located to the left of torrent Jerapotamo. According to a legend, it was founded by king Morges around 2350 b.C., although there is no written historical evidence to prove it. What is beyond denial is the fact that San Giorgio Morgeto has to be listed among the most interesting centres of mediaeval Calabria. A network of narrow streets, small squares and steep stairways leads to the upper town, where the ruins of a 9th- or 10th-century mediaeval castle which remained active until the 16th century are to be found. Still today, the castle of San Giorgio Morgeto dominates the plain of Gioia Tauro, overlooking the area which stretches from the Tyrrhenian sea to Capo Vaticano. The Stromboli and the Aeolian islands contribute to the scenic quality of this eye-treating landscape.
Several buildings from different time periods can be admired in the historic centre. One of them is a monastery complex of the Dominican order. On the right side of this majestic architectural structure stands the monumental church of San Domenico, which is made all the more beautiful by a late-Renaissance granite portal. A 17th-century granite fountain makes a fine show of itself in the middle of the main square.
Together with the production of liquors and perfumes, one of the longest-standing traditions in San Giorgio Morgeto is the production of hand-made chestnut baskets. The hand-made local cheeses (especially the ricotta) and a very good quality of bread kneaded using the millstones of the last surviving watermill in town are also worth tasting.