Comune di Samo

Located on the Southeastern mountainside of Aspromonte, Samo was founded during the 15th century on the ruins of two distinct towns: the magno-Greek Palecastro and the mediaeval Precacore. There are plenty of monuments in the town centre, such as the church of Saint Sebastian, where fragments of 18th-century frescos can be admired, and the Mother Church of Saint John the Baptiser, which is decorated with 20th-century frescos and hosts an 18th-century wooden group depicting the Annunciation.
Several nature trips to areas of mesmerizing, unspoiled beauty have Samo as their starting point. From here can be reached a rock known as “Timpa di Don Brazzito”, a vantage point to admire the beautiful La Verde gullies.
The pezzare, the traditional tapestries that are still crafted by local hand-weavers, also deserve to be mentioned.