Comune di Roccaforte del Greco

Located on the Southern side of Aspromonte at an altitude of 971 metres, this town is blessed by a very lushious vegetation.
Among the places to visit in Roccaforte del Greco, there are the characteristic historic centre and the ancient Parish Church, where several works by local artists are kept. A Byzantine church built in the second half of the 18th century and owned by the Tripepi family can be admired in the immediate vicinity of this village.
The typical dish of Roccaforte are home-made maccaruni: a kind of pasta made by local women by rolling the dough around a special iron pin, or around thin twigs (cannizzi in the local dialect). The sauce that is used to season maccaruni is often enriched by the taste of goat meat, a kind of meat that is otherwise served as a second dish. The typical dairy products include the canestrato, a kind of cheese made from ovine, goat, cow or sometimes mixed milk.