Comune di Platì

Il Comune di Platì è caratterizzato da una suggestiva posizione geografica montana, essendo incastonato in una maestosa vallata al centro dell’Aspromonte orientale, ed è circondato da una natura selvaggia.
Set in the middle of a majestic valley in the heart of Eastern Aspromonte and surrounded by wild nature, the town of Platì enjoys a highly atmospheric geographic location.
The churches and aristocratic palaces in the historic centre – such as the Oliva Palace, the church of Most Saint Mary of Loreto and the Mercurio Galatti Palace – still exude the atmosphere of bygone days

A very famous food product from this area is the Caciotto from Cirella, a spun-paste buttery cheese, usually eaten during the middle stage of ripening and endowed with a sweet and slightly spicy taste. The bread of Platì is known and sold in the whole province area: it is so sought-after that bakeries are the most flourishing shops in town, and the production of bread has never slowed down. Instead, it seems to be getting bigger by the day.