Comune di Palizzi

Perched on a rocky spur near the ruins of a castle, close by Southernmost boundary of Aspromonte, its peculiar location is what makes Palizzi so characteristic. Four different hamlets belong to this town’s administrative area: they are Palizzi Marina, Palizzi Superiore, Pietrapennata and Spropoli.

Palizzi hosts quite a few architectural gems and historically significant monuments, such as the parish church of Saint Anna. Some elements from the original mediaeval structure are still today observable in this place of worship, including a dome-surmounted apse in the Byzantine style. Other places worth visiting include the town castle, which was built in the Middle Ages and restructured during the 17th century, and the church of Pietrapennata, where a wonderful 16th-century marble statue portraying Holy Mary of the Alica is kept.
Towering 673 metres above sea level and featuring a very quaint town centre, Pietrapennata regales its visitors with views of breath-taking landscapes. Vineyard cultivation and wine pressing, which are still carried out following the old traditions, are two rather ancient activities for the inhabitants of Palizzi, dating back to the times when the whole Jonian littoral was a Greek colony.