Comune di Oppido Mamertina

In spite of its having been completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake, this town on the Northwestern mountainside of Aspromonte still retains its fascinating mediaeval aura. There are many 13th- and 19th-century aristocratic palaces in the historic centre, each with its characteristic granite portal, such as the Migliorini Palace, built in the fashion of Neapolitan Neoclassicism, and the late-baroque Zerbi Palace. The town districts of Tresilico and Zurgonadio still present the picturesque winding streets that were built in the Middle Ages.
Thanks to favourable weather conditions, the territory of Oppido is strewn with very tall centuries-old olive trees, that are not only the most evident landscape feature, but also one of the most important local resources.
The hilly areas around Oppido are characterized by a remarkable diversity: there are olive groves, chestnut and walnut trees, pine expanses progressively widening as they approach higher altitudes. In the zone below 1000 metres, the main trees are holm-oaks and oaks, whereas the mountain peaks are covered in beech trees, black pines and Nebrodi firs.