Comune di Mammola

The territory of Mammola is split between the National Park of Aspromonte and the rocky ridge of the Serre area. Particularly rich in nature routes, the territory of Mammola presents a morphology that makes it an ideal destination for bike and horse excursions.
Among the places to visit are the Greek and Roman necropolises that have been unearthed during excavations over time, the ruins of the Monastery of Saint Nichodemus, which bears the name of its founder, and the Museum of Modern Art hosted by the former Nunnery of Saint Barbara.
The culinary landscape of Mammola has many dishes to offer, some of which have been officially proclaimed traditional gastronomic heritage by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Stock fish is the most typical of local dishes and is still cooked following the traditional recipe; its regional resonance is such that Mammola is also known as ” town of the stock-fish”. Among local products, we should also mention fresh or seasoned ricotta, sheep cheese from the Limina area, extra-virgin olive oil from the Locris region, a wide choice of cold cuts, wild fennel and a very good quality of rustic wheat bread (which is always cooked in wood ovens).