Comune di Delianuova

Standing on the slopes of Aspromonte at an altitude spanning between 600 and 800 metres, this town is surrounded by wide olive groves, which are the main local economic resource. The territory is also rich in holm oaks, chestnut and beech trees, white firs and atmospheric black pine forests. One of the favourite locations around Delianuova among both locals and tourists is Carmelia, the ideal destination for those wishing to find refuge from the sultriness of summer days, as well as for excursionists who feel eager to enjoy the natural beauties this area has to offer. Green stone, which until 1933 was available to local stonecutters thanks to a cave in the hamlet of Cotripa, is what makes Delianuova unique. This material has been employed to make a wide range of monuments and other items.
There are 15 green stone portals in town, as well as green stone fountains, stairways (such as the ones in front of the Church of Saint Nicholas and in Leuzzi Square) and a wide range of other carefully crafted architectural elements: green stone shelves, for example, are a very common feature of local houses and buildings. Stone, wood and glass are also among the materials used by local craftsmen.
More than one species of gourmet mushrooms, such as the ovules (amanita caesarea) and the renown porcini mushrooms (boletus edilis), can be found in the woods around Delianuova, especially in the fall season.
Other typical food products include olive oil, capicollo (a traditional cold cut), pancetta, a wide choice of local salami, hot pepper, a dish called “deliese”, honey, Stracetta and Scutella’s nougats.