Comune di Cosoleto

This town is located in a hilly area at the doors of Aspromonte, from where the landscape of the Plain of Gioia Tauro can be fully taken in. Local economy is mainly agricultural, based as it is on olive cultivation. The two main varieties of olive trees on the territory are called Sinopolese and Ottobratico. Thick groves of centuries-old olive trees, often taller than 20 metres, can be found all over the hillside; their rich abundance makes them the natural emblems of this territory.
Traditions in Cosoleto are also abundant, especially in the religious sphere. The most important Festival is dedicated to Saint Rocco and unfailingly attracts many pilgrims from the whole Plain area; it takes place every August 16 in the hamlet of Aquaro, with the Saint’s statue being carried in solemn procession around the town streets. The new and old church of Saint Mary of the Graces, the sanctuary of saint Rocco in the hamlet of Aquaro, and the church of Saint Domenica in the hamlet of Sitizano are also places worth visiting.