Comune di Condofuri

The town of Condofuri is located in an area of remarkable natural beauty in the heart of Aspromonte. As is the case of many other villages in the same area, it has Magno-Greek origins and is a conglomerate of different hamlets. The hamlets of Condofuri (Condofuri Superiore, Condofuri Marina, San Carlo, Amendolea and Gallicianò) are all connected with the Calabrian-Greek culture to some extent, as is reflected by the spoken and written variety of Greek that is still known and spoken in town, a language which bears striking resemblances to ancient Greek. The hamlet where the Calabrian-Greek (a.k.a. Greekanic) culture has proved to be most resilient is Gallicianò, not only when it comes to the Greekanic language, but also for what concerns music, food and religious traditions.
There are many churches to visit in the proximity of Condofuri, such as the Church of Sant’Annunziata in San Carlo, The Regina Pacis Church in Condofuri Marina, the Church of Sant’Annunziata in Amendolea and the remains of the Church of the Most Holy Annunziata. The last-mentioned was built as an adjunct to the Castle of Amendolea. Its still-extant bell tower has now become the symbol of Condofuri.
The local economy is chiefly based on farming and cattle breeding.