Comune di Cinquefrondi

The town of Cinquefrondi is located close to the boundaries of the plain of Palmi.
According to a legend, this village was founded during the Magna Graecia period – in the 5th or 4th century b.C. – thanks to the frequent exploratory excursions the inhabitants of Locri made from the Jonian coast out to the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria. People from Locri built two pagan temples in the area: one is allegedly dedicated to the Muses, the other to the Goddess Proserpine.
The Saints’ Festivals in this area are particularly picturesque: suffice it to mention the ones dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Cinquefrondi, and to Saint Rocco. The latter always falls on the second Sunday of September. During its celebration, typical constructions nicknamed “deserts” are set on the pavement segments facing house doors; they are little shelters made of planks and axes, and later reinforced by means of interwoven reeds and river plants; “deserts” are used as special frames for works depicting significant episodes from the Saint’s life.
One of the most famous local traditions is the Affruntata, a festival recurring at the end of the Easter festivities.
Among the places worth visiting is the ancient church of the Carmine, where a precious 18th-century wooden cross is kept. Other interesting locations are the remains of two pagan temples, which were fortuitously unearthed a few years ago, and the ruins of the city walls and of some mediaeval towers, whose imposing silhouettes are still visible from the town centre.