Comune di Cardeto

Located in the heart of Aspromonte area, in the valley of torrent Sant’Agata, this town was probably founded in the 10th or 11th century. Until the 18th century, Calabrian Greek and the Greek-Bizanthine rite were respectively the official language and religious creed in Cardeto, and several places of worship in town are still today dedicated to this cult. Among the places that are worth seeing are the 17th-century church of Saint Sebastian, where several works by local artists are on display, and the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of the Assumption in Mallamaci, a point of reference for devotees of the Marian cult in this area.
Cardeto is also home to “Aspromunti”, a folk band launched by a group of young local people who have inherited the older generations’ enthusiasm for lore and local traditions. Their chief goal is to let tourists and visitors come into contact with the music culture of Cardeto, whose characteristic ballads are allegedly rooted in the old tradition of Greek dance.
The Chestnut Fair at the end of October is another event which draws thousands of people to town year after year.