Comune di Canolo

Canolo is sited on the Eastern spurs of the Aspromonte, the “Dossoni della Melia”, whence it overlooks the area known as Locride. The town is set right in the meeting point of two canyons dug into the rock by the torrents Novito and Pachina. The Mutolo, a mountain which towers above Canolo, is one of the remarkable natural features of this area: its peaks are also known as “The Southern Dolomites”, owing to their shape and reddish hue.
Owing to a state of geologic unbalance due to a number of different natural factors, most of the population of Canolo has moved to the plains of Melia, where Canolo Nuova was founded.
The old town is still worth visiting, especially the archaeological site, the church of Holy Mary of Prestarona and Family Larosa’s 18th-century aristocratic palace, whereas all that is left of the treasures of the rupestrian area is a beautiful etching by the English painter Edward Lear.
The landscape that can be taken in from the old town is well deserving of attention: the two peaks dominating the view make the area so unique that in 2005 it was chosen as a location for many scenes of the TV series “The man who dreamt of eagles”, starring Terence Hill.
Excursions to caves, canyons and torrents are also attractions not to be missed, just like the mountaineering and free climbing activities that can be enjoyed by the sportiest visitors.