Comune di Bagaladi

Located on the route which leads to the Aspromonte mountain range, this town in the Calabrian Greek area is one of thresholds to the National Park of Aspromonte. It is maintained that its name comes from the Arabic expression “Baha ‘Allah”, which translates into “Beauty comes from God”, a clear homage to the beautiful landscape surrounding Bagaladi, where plenty of olive groves and mineral water springs can be admired. Architecturally interesting structures from the 17th-19th centuries, such as oil pressing facilities, water mills and rural houses can also be found throughout the countryside around Bagaladi. Of particular interest is the church of Saint Theodor the Martyr, where a 1504 marble group depicting the Annunciation ascribed to the sculptor Antonello Gangini, and a 16th-century white marble cross are kept. This mediaeval church was rebuilt after the disastrous 1908 earthquake, but the original 16th-century bells have survived. Also of note are the coenobia of the Tuccio Valley, the famous local watermills and oil presses and a good number of interesting farmhouses.
The food and wine produce of Bagaladi include citrus fruits, a wide choice of delicious cheeses, the local salami and olives and the Cuvertà, a renowned red wine with a high alcohol content.