Comune di Antonimina

Antonimina was founded at the beginning of the 15th century. Located in the vicinity of Locri, this town is important for the waterfalls of its thermal area, a natural spa set in a landscape of rare beauty.
The “holy water” of Locri is completely bacteria-free and has been known for its healing properties ever since very ancient times. It is classified as isotonic and slightly sulfuric hot-spring water. Periodical bactereological tests and chemical analyses are carried out on it by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health of the University of Messina.
Springing at 35° C, these waters are used to cure pathologies of many different kinds, such as female sterility, respiratory diseases and circulatory disorders. In the thermal baths structure, which was built at the beginning of the 19th century, beauty treatments such as massages and hydromassages are also offered. Nowadays, the spring waters of Antonimina are used for baths in tubs or swimming pools, as well as in aerosol and mud-bath treatments. Important medical structures are also available close by the thermal facilities.